SLF Asks Help Refreshing Syllabi Resource

The Speculative Literature Foundation is updating its web resources and Mary Anne Mohanraj says they are looking to add more publicly available syllabi for college / university courses.

If you’d be willing to have your SF/F/H syllabi archived on our site as a general resource, please send them to me as attached files (RTF, DOC, or PDF), ideally with:

Name of course: (e.g. ENG 351, Intro to Modern Fantasy) Creator name and/or affiliation to credit: (e.g, Professor Jane Smith, University of Fantasia)

Supplemental materials are also welcome, and if your course has a reasonably stable course website that you’d just like us to link to, we’re happy to do that as well. Example:

The current page is here (set up a decade ago, and not updated in forever, but we’re going to try to be better about that):

Send mail to:, with the subject line: CALL for SF/F/H syllabi.

[Thanks to Orange Mike Lowrey for the story.]