6 thoughts on “Latest Kong: Skull Island Trailer

  1. Losing interest in this, now that we’ve got all those other creepy monsters added too. I liked the original trailer, I thought Kong was monster enough.

  2. @Al the Great and Powerful: Have you ever seen any other version of King Kong? The notion that he grew up on an island full of other, less personable monsters has been there from the start.

  3. The summary “Nick Fury, Loki and Captain Marvel team up to fight King Kong” sounds a lot more exciting than the real movie can ever be.

    Though I like the fact that the trailer is finally showing us Kong and some of the other monsters. Cause the early ones were playing coy.

  4. Yes, I’ve seen every other version of King Kong (AFAIK), but the extended ‘other creatures in the bottom of the cleft’ part of Peter Jackson’s version put me off the concept forever.

    I’m hip to other giant monsters, but the trailer also shows a bunch of small fast ugly things, which I don’t care to see. I want a Giant Monster Kong movie.

    Because I am a Kaiju movie fan at heart, first and foremost, so I watch Kong movies for the big guy.

  5. I kind of liked the early coy trailer, it made Kong look really good when you finally saw him. If there’s anything repeated viewings of King Kong movies has shown me, Kong is like a destructive force of nature (as far as visiting humans are concerned), like Godzilla.

    When you start putting Kong on screen for longer periods, you lose that overwhelming force of nature feeling, it starts to feel more like rubber-suit theater (Godzilla also suffers from this). Sometimes I want guys in monster suits wrasslin, more often I prefer the monster to be threatening and mysterious.

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