Leia Rides Again

Carrie Fisher confirmed she’ll be back in Star Wars VII as Princess Leia.  

How has Leia aged? Fisher speculated in a Palm Beach Illustrated interview

What do you think Princess Leia is like today?

Elderly. She’s in an intergalactic old folks’ home [laughs].

   I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle.

And still wearing the bagel buns?

The bagel buns and the bikini, because probably she has sundowners syndrome. At sundown, she thinks that she’s 20-something. And she puts it on and gets institutionalized.

Great line. I can only hope Princess Leia’s relationship with Han Solo (whatever it may be) turns out to be less rocky than Fisher’s history with Paul Simon.

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2 thoughts on “Leia Rides Again

  1. If this is supposed to be a secret, everybody’s having trouble keeping it. Moviefone quoted George Lucas in an article today

    “We had already signed Mark [Hamill] and Carrie [Fisher] and Harrison [Ford] — or we were pretty much in final stages of negotiation. So I called them to say, ‘Look, this is what’s going on.’?” He pauses. “Maybe I’m not supposed to say that. I think they want to announce that with some big whoop-de-do, but we were negotiating with them.” Then he adds: “I won’t say whether the negotiations were successful or not.”

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