Leonard Nimoy, Lensman

The photography of Leonard Nimoy headlines the Santa Monica Museum of Art’s big “Halla Gala” fundraising event this Halloween night. The LA TimesHero Complex blog reports there will be an exhibit of selected pieces from his conceptual project “Who Do You Think You Are?” —

Last year, Nimoy spent two 16-hour days shooting portraits of total strangers in Northampton, Mass., who had answered a public invitation to share a glimpse of their hidden selves. He photographed 95 people and chose 25 of them for the exhibit that will go on display next summer at MASS MoCA.

“The idea was to invite people to reveal their secret selves, the self they wish to be or the self they hide from the world,” said Nimoy, 78, who has been an avid photographer since his youth. “There was a measure of bravery in this by everyone involved. I had no idea what to expect. Some of the people walked in with these amazing stories, stories you couldn’t anticipate or make up.”

The folks who paid $5,000 or more for their tickets will have a photographic portrait taken by Nimoy tonight.

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One thought on “Leonard Nimoy, Lensman

  1. Given Sheldon’s reaction to receiving the autographed used Nimoy napkin on The Big Bang Theory (“Oh, my God! I have Leonard Nimoy’s DNA! I can clone my own Leonard Nimoy!”), it sounds like a story could be made out of Sheldon’s desparate attempt to raise the $25,000 to get the private photography session with Mr. Nimoy, no doubt under the misunderstanding that he would be spending a day photographing Nimoy, and not the other way around.

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