Lesley Gore (1946-2015)

Pop singer Lesley Gore, who enjoyed a string of hits in the 1960s, died February 16 of cancer.

Her single “It’s My Party” went to Number 1 in the United States in 1963. Three other Gore singles landed in the top 10 over the next year.

She appeared often on television, usually on music and variety shows. She also had a guest shot as a villainess on the Sixties Batman series.

Gore played Catwoman’s sidekick Pussycat in the 1967 Batman episodes “That Darn Catwoman” and “Scat! Darn Catwoman.” She sang in one scene for a test audience composed of Marlowe, Spade and Templar, Catwoman’s posse.

Later in her career, Gore composed songs for the soundtrack of the 1980 film Fame. “Out Here on My Own,” co-written with her brother Michael, was nominated for the Academy Award, however, Michael’s theme song for Fame was the Academy Award winner.

[Thanks to James H. Burns for the story.]

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  1. On one of the big theatre boards, Robert, someone pointed out that she also did at least a few plays, including starring in a production of one of the very best fantasy musicals, FINIAN’S RAINBOW. That’s great play whose reputation was essentially ruined by a very odd film adaptation….

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