Livestream Hugo Ceremony on YouTube

Catch it here — at 19:30 EEST time (9:30 PDT).

The Hugo Awards Ceremony is the absolutely unmissable event at Worldcon 75! Come join Toastmistress Karen Lord and presenters from around the world to be the first to hear who has won the most prestigious awards in science fiction!

Update: Livestream not working. But realtime transcription of what people are saying is here —


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  1. So when will there be video of Ursula’s acceptance speech? Just based on reading the transcript that was awesome, but Now I want to see and hear it. And foist it on others.

  2. Btw: 3 more votes and Camestros would have been a finalist for best fan writer, just saying.

  3. I woke up in the middle of our night, an hour before the ceremonies commenced but couldn’t stay awake. Waking up to read this is the next best thing.

    Congratulations to all the winners! Looks like a great crop this year. I look forward to watching the livestream. Really happy about “Arrival”, hurrah for RedWombat! ( is there a PixwhaleScroll celebration coming to File770? Also pleased Abigail Nussbaum & Vorkosigan saga won, and pretty much everything else really.

    Thanks to Hampus and others who provided live updates. You are all lovely, and that’s not just the medication talking.

    So has JDA shown himself to be a ass to even more of the world with his livefeed comments? Meh.

  4. StefanB, don’t look at me; Camestros (and Timothy, of course, but I left him as a silent partner so as not to confuse things) was on my nomination ballot…

  5. First look at voting stats:
    Best novel was very close between all six finalists. Chuck Tingle came close in Best Fan Writer. Arrival won by a huge margin.

    First look at nominating stats:
    Elizabeth Leggett was 8th in Best Fan Artist (behind two ineligibles), Tea and Jeopardy was 6th in Best Fancast. Both would not have been on a 5-finalist-ballot.
    Laundry Files was 7th in Best Series. Camestros also came close.

  6. Looks like NA for exactly who you’d expect, and no others.

    And as Stephan says, an absolute squeaker for Camestros. I blame Timothy 🙂

  7. Wasn’t mean as anythink else than what nearly happened. I thought that would be interesting for fillers.

  8. GiantPanda: Laundry Files was 7th in Best Series

    No conclusions can be drawn about Laundry Files, because Stross had made it widely known well ahead of time that he was recusing himself. A lot of people, including me, did not waste a nomination slot on it when we otherwise would have included it on the ballot. I strongly suspect that it would have been a Finalist, otherwise.

  9. Looking at the nominating stats, it looks like under the old rules, Vox Day, Jeffro Johnson or Cirvosa would not have been on the ballot.

  10. Arrival looked strong all the way through in what I thought was a strong category. Chuck Tingle, second highest 1st place votes, a squeaker. Mike declined File770’s nomination which is a classy thing to do.

    Vox managed 32 first place votes for editor and expected works injected by rabids coming below No Award. A satisfactory result.

  11. @bookworm1398

    It’s a misleading “what if”.

    He was forced to bullet-vote by EPH. If he’d split his ballot under EPH he’d likely have got nothing in those categories .

    Without EPH he’d have run a full slate and encouraged his followers to re-join. At last year’s strength he’d have got those results plus many many more.

    (Caveat: analysis based on hasty eyeballing of the stats only)

  12. Hold up. If I’m reading the nomination stats correctly, I single-handedly kicked “Things with Beards” off the short-story ballot when I did my last-minute nomination adjustment and replaced it with “That Game We Played During the War”.

    Whoops! Sorry, Sam J. Miller!

  13. There seems to have been just above 80 nominators who bulletvoted the RP slate. (Oddly enough, the numbers for various candidates aren’t quite identical).

    In the final, VD was down to 35 first place votes and a few more who didn’t vote him below no award. Alien Stripper and JCW did a bit better in their categories, but still had less first place votes than they had nominations.

    So it seems the rage and willingness to work to “burn down the award” is in decline.

    (And as Mark says, any “what if” is based on RP behaving the same way – which they wouldn’t have.)

  14. And a correction to myself:

    who bulletvoted the RP slate.

    They didn’t necessarily bulletvote – they just didn’t nominate any of the other finalists. Since the “final points” column is the points at the end of elimination, slate voters may have nominated a few favourites of their own, plus the slate pick, to get the results we see.

  15. Other filers appearing in the longlist

    James Nicholl (both Reviews and Young People Read), Galactic Journey, Skiffy&Fanty (Paul Weimar), Cora Buhlert, Bandersnatch by Diana Pavlac Glyer (honourary filer, right?), Ansible, Red Wombat in short story, any others?

    Something very interesting in Fan Writer

    Jeffro is nominated as follows:
    80 80.00 Jeffro Johnson
    Which indicates 80 bullet votes.

    Then in the longlist you see
    50 25.00 Morgan (Castalia House)
    Which I think indicates 50 voters who all had 1 other choice, thereby halving their points?

    So, given that the 80 for Jeffro accounts for the RP strength in other categories, where did Morgan’s votes come from?

  16. @ Mark. I don’t know what VD would have done in an alternate scenario. It seems like the new rules make it impossible for a slate to totally dominate a category, but make it slightly more likely for them to be able to get one thing on?

  17. Minor correction – there were two Seiuns for translated short story. The second went to an early Ken Liu story.

    Hampus, I don’t know how you did it – where I was sitting (front right, with the other deaf folks) there was zero connectivity, either wifi or mobile. I’m glad you had some where you were.

    I was thrilled by Red Wombat’s win. That was a great story.

  18. Mark on August 11, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Fifty ballots for Jeffro and Morgan (worth a half point each) , thirty for Jeffro alone? After Morgan is eliminated each vote would be a full point if I am not mistaken.

  19. Silly question of the night: I haven’t checked, but is this the first time we’ve had two Ursulas win, the same year? 😉 😛

    Anyway, the Hugos were cool! I was seated with Christian, his friend, and Chad. (Last names forgotten ‘cuz I’m like that, but Christian & Chad are Filers.) I’m very happy about Obelisk Gate and amused that the received wisdom was wrong – second-book-win after all. Yay!

    ::playfully shakes fist at @Dawn Incognito re. Miller’s story:: 😉

    @Mark (kitteh): LOL at the live sketches, especially the one for Jemisin (not Jemisin) and the Ursula one with the speech balloon with a whale! Thanks for linking to that.

    @Lenore Jones: Yeah, I was annoyed the convention center wifi didn’t even show up on the list of networks for me. Weird (especially as I saw about 20 other networks). I can’t believe I forgot the mifi device work loaned me. I wonder if the Hugos asked them to stop wifi coverage in the hall (or it was just never turned on). Even waiting in line, once I was inside the area behind the seats – no Messukeskus (sp?) wifi coverage. Oh well.

  20. It seems like the new rules make it impossible for a slate to totally dominate a category, but make it slightly more likely for them to be able to get one thing on?

    On the other hand, after their showings this year, getting one thing on (next to five worthier choices) only to be casually no-awarded like a fast-food bag may not be terribly appealing, even Xanatosially.

  21. Apropos of nothing. I was tickled to see a reference to the Tolkien Society come up on the close captioning as Tall King Society. Which also works, kinda.

  22. Has anyone put up a video of the Hugo awards yet? Because I’d really like to hear Oor Wombat’s whalefall speech without the simultaneous Chinese translation… (Not that I’m not thankful for that Chinese fan’s livestream, because I truly am. Thank you, Chinese fan, whoever you are.)

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