LoneStarCon 3 Hugo Voting Status Update

Though no announcement was made, at some point since the release of the Hugo nominations LoneStarCon 3 has started accepting mail ballots.

Online voting continues to be promised “by the end of May 2013.”

Availability of the 2013 final Hugo ballot [PDF file] also went unremarked by the official Hugo Awards website, in contrast to a year ago when it trumpeted Chicon 7’s publication of the form.

Meantime, Steven Staton, LSC3’s IT Division Chair, has made great progress with the Hugo Voter Packet. He opened it for the convention staff to beta-test yesterday, May 15. A few minor problems (like a typo in a URL) were noted and corrected. People reported that even the largest graphical files downloaded in reasonable time.

The test site is currently shut down while corrections are made to keep the links to content from being searchable and accessible by the public. If that doesn’t take too long, LSC3 will make its announced mid-May deadline for getting the Packet out to members.

One thought on “LoneStarCon 3 Hugo Voting Status Update

  1. The Hugo Awards web site didn’t know the paper ballot had been released! I’ll post something about it now. Thanks for spotting it. Nobody told us.

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