Marc Zicree Sings

Marc Scott Zicree’s latest Mr. Sci-Fi video features the Space Command producer vocalizing Tom Lehrer’s Christmas song behind old Santa-themed covers of Galaxy Magazine.

He recorded the performance for Holiday Magic Coast Style, a CD issued by the Coast to Coast AM radio show. Appropos of the program’s theme the disc is filled with the exotic and the unexpected – would you believe Lionel Fanthorpe delivering “A Visit From Saint Nicholas”?

Also on the CD: Whitley Strieber, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Christian Wilde, Joshua P. Warren, UFO Phil, Catherine Austin Fitts, Billy Gibbons, Pat Boone and national host George Noory. Proceeds go to charity.

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2 thoughts on “Marc Zicree Sings

  1. Mike: This was charming and funny and Zicree has a good voice. I loved the Emsh covers. The Martine beswicke video was great too. Thanks! Martin

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