Marvel Roundup 6/28/18

Compiled by Carl Slaughter:

  • All bad things that happen in the MCU result from Tony Stark’s bad decisions

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  • Philosophy of Thanos

  • Infinitely important facts about Thanos the Mad Titan

  • MCU actor changes slipped in

  • Tony Stark’s father

“Marvel Comics Finally Reveal Who Iron Man’s Real Father Is”We Got This Covered

In the comics, it was revealed a few years back that Iron Man was only adopted by Howard and Maria Stark. For a while there, he didn’t know who his biological parents were. After meeting his mother in a previous run, however, Invincible Iron Man #600 has now revealed the identity of Tony’s father.

First off, Tony’s previously-introduced mother is Amanda Armstrong, who was a pop star in her younger days and ended up being contracted by S.H.I.E.L.D. to work for them. Her global tours were the perfect cover for her to carry out her secret agent missions – hide in plain sight and all that. All Tony knew is that she gave her son up for adoption when she became pregnant from a fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who’d died. In the new comic, though, he finally learns his name and the full history between his mother and father….

  • Captain Marvel and Nick Fury go way back

“Nick Fury and Captain Marvel Go WAY Back – Here’s Their Backstory”Yahoo! EntertainmentBeware Spoilers

As for why Nick Fury decides to call his old friend after half the universe is vaporized? Basically, Captain Marvel’s powers are key to destroying Thanos in the comics. To clarify, the most important power, Cosmic Awareness, belongs to the original Captain Marvel, aka Mar-Vell. Luckily, this iteration of the character will also appear in Captain Marvel, meaning the film version will either bestow Carol Danvers with some of those great intergalactic abilities or the duo will arrive on the scene to kick Thanos’s ass together.

  • The untold truth about Nebula

  • Almost Star Lord

  • Venom symbiote

  • Ant-Man is way more important than we thought

  • New MCU characters

  • Actors who said no to Marvel

  • Avengers cast moments

  • Marvel improv

  • Iron Man documentary

  • Cloak and Dagger

  • MCU plot holes

  • Why Marvel can’t recast Iron Man

  • Forgotten Marvel villains lurking in the MCU

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