Marvel’s Inhumans – Official Trailer 1

The official introduction to Marvel’s Inhumans.

Create your destiny. Meet Marvel’s #Inhumans early in IMAX theatres Sept 1, and experience the full series starting Sept 29 on ABC.


[Thanks to Carl Slaughter for the story.]

14 thoughts on “Marvel’s Inhumans – Official Trailer 1

  1. I dunno. I’ll have to see more to have an opinion. But I’d have hoped for a more expressive Blackbolt.

  2. Can we just have a show about Iwan Rheon’s Maximus and Lockjaw instead, since the rest of them don’t seem very impressive?

  3. One reason why I dropped Agents of SHIELD was that they were going for Marvel FX and cinematography on an ABC budget, and it doesn’t look like this problem is going to go away in Inhumans.

  4. Seen elseweb, a comment about Iwan Rheon’s accent being all over the place, and maybe he shouldn’t have tried to sound American. And wondering why they couldn’t have gotten a better’looking dress for Medusa.

  5. Looks like a syndicated show from back in the day. Makes AoSHIELD look like it has a movie budget. How crap is this going to look in IMAX?

    I like the dog. Put the dog on SHIELD and forget the rest.

  6. I like the dog too. But having grown up with a bulldog, the amount of drool is going to be terrifying.

  7. Even more reason to have the dog on SHIELD. May will complain about the drool, Coulson will reminisce about the dog he had as a kid, Mack will like him, Simmons will just adore him.

  8. @lurkertype
    Yeah, it looks like a 1990s SF show, before it suddenly starts looking like the new Hawaii Five-O.

    @PJ Evans
    Iwan Rheon should simply have stuck with his natural Welsh accent. It’s perfectly fine and besides, they’re aliens, so why should they sound like Americans.

    I still think the dog is cool.

  9. Nope, looks like leftovers. And have no nostalgia for the Inhumans, they were always on the periphery for me and it surprises me that anyone would want to see them on TV.

  10. Still hate Medusa’s hair and dress.

    I liked Lockjaw better when he wasn’t a dog. This has been retconned back and forth.

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