Mazes of Power Cover Reveal

By Juliette Wade: I’m thrilled to tell you that I now have cover art for my debut novel, Mazes of Power!

The art is by Adam Auerbach, who did a magnificent job creating impact as well as capturing the layered complexity of the book.

Mazes of Power is a story of sociological science fiction:  

The cavern city of Pelismara has stood for a thousand years. The Great Families of the nobility cling to the myths of their golden age while the city’s technology wanes.

When a fever strikes, and the Eminence dies, seventeen-year-old Tagaret is pushed to represent his Family in the competition for Heir to the Throne. To win would give him the power to rescue his mother from his abusive father, and marry the girl he loves.

But the struggle for power distorts everything in this highly stratified society, and the fever is still loose among the inbred, susceptible nobles. Tagaret’s sociopathic younger brother, Nekantor, is obsessed with their family’s success. Nekantor is willing to exploit Tagaret, his mother, and her new servant Aloran to defeat their opponents.

Can he be stopped? Should he be stopped? And will they recognize themselves after the struggle has changed them?

Preorder the book here:

Finally, here’s a link to the video of my cover reveal party at Green Machine Comics in Newark, California, which includes a short reading of two pages from the book:

6 thoughts on “Mazes of Power Cover Reveal

  1. Congratulations, @Juliette Wade!

    And oh, it’s in the same world as “The Persistence of Blood,” which was very good! 🙂 Cool.

  2. Thanks, all!
    Yes, Kendall, it’s in the same world as “The Persistence of Blood,” and follows it chronologically. I’m really glad you enjoyed my novella… 🙂

  3. The cover looks sooooo great ! Congratulations Juliette! I can t wait to read it !

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