Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society Ending After 45 Years  

Nashville’s science fiction club, the Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society, will hold its last meeting on March 8. The club has been around for 45 years, been involved in 30 Kubla Khans (1973-2002) and several Xanadus. Their final gathering will be at the Green Hills Public Library, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Reece Morehead mourned in the latest newsletter

The club seems to have fallen apart due to age, sickness, death,  divorces, people moving out of town, working hours which conflict with the meeting, personality clashes, unemployment, the loss of new (and especially younger) fans, the dreaded GAFIA, etc. At the February meeting it was agreed among the six of us attending that the March meeting will be the last…

However, locals fans will still be in touch. Morehead listed a series of social events, cookouts and parties that will survive the demise of the club, saying “Think of it as what had been the after-the-meeting meeting dinner [as] now ‘the’ meeting.”

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

One thought on “Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society Ending After 45 Years  

  1. Well, I’m sorry to hear this. NSFC (it became MTSFS later, after a split and re-merge) was my first fannish home. I’m glad they’re at least going to continue with the social aspects of the group.

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