Mining for Foglio’s Gold

Before Phil Foglio was a prolific and dominant pro artist he was a prolific and dominant fan artist. He racked up two Best Fan Artist Hugos (1977, 1978). Over three decades later, Foglio’s vintage fanzine art is the heart of John Teehan’s new project:

I’ve gotten Phil Foglio to agree to let me (as Merry Blacksmith Press) take a stab at pulling together a bound collection of his early black and white fan art. He doesn’t have much from his early days still hanging around and wouldn’t know where to find them if he did. Kaja might know, but it was before her time and she’s not so sure either.

If anyone can help me track down some art, or help with some scans or originals to scan, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Can you can help? Contact John Teehan at jdteehaniphone (at) gmail (dot) com.

If I were Teehan I’d start looking through the top genzines published from 1976-1978 (or perhaps a little earlier). He not only needs to find Foglio illos, he needs to find well-reproduced copies. The best bet is to search in zines like Outworlds or Simulacrum.

(Foglio once sent me something but I made a mess of it. Save your time, no need to look in old issues of Scientifriction or Prehensile…)

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

4 thoughts on “Mining for Foglio’s Gold

  1. I have the complete – or nearly complete – set of images (limited edition) he and Rick Sternbach prepared for Phlange in 1977. I think the only image I may be missing is the “alien restroom icon” image.

    I’ll try and dig it out and scan it. get in touch to let me know the particulars of your scanned image requirements

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