Mohanraj Wins Seat As Library Trustee

Mary Anne Mohanraj has been elected a Library Trustee for The Village of Oak Park, IL. When voters went to the polls on April 4th four seats were open, and she received the second-highest number of votes out of the 10 candidates for the board.

Author, academic, journal editor, and founder and director of the Speculative Literature Foundation, Mohanraj responded to Trump’s election by becoming more active in local politics. She attended an Oak Park Progressive Women meeting and was approached about running for office, eventually deciding to enter the Library Trustee race.

Here is video of a candidates’ forum hosted by the League of Women Voters on March 14. Mohanraj first speaks at 6:15.

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9 thoughts on “Mohanraj Wins Seat As Library Trustee

  1. It was fun and sometimes stressful to watch* her run for the position. I’m happy to see she succeeded. One of the few positive aspects of Trump’s presidency.

    * on Facebook

  2. I keep mulling over running for the board of the local fire protection district in the next cycle. The question is whether I’m willing to carve our more time from other things, should I be elected.

  3. Congratulations to Mary Anne Mohanraj! I’m very pleased she succeeded and I wish her all the best with her new responsibilities!

  4. Yay Mary Anne! I’ve been avoiding Facebook for a while, so this is the first I’d heard of it. Thanks, Mike!

  5. The public hearings held by my local Library Committee a few years back were an essential part of nixing a city council proposal to gut my local branch library, sell off the building (at a loss), and cram the downsized version into a couple of rooms at a recreation center. When the city council members saw hundreds of people turn out in opposition to the proposal, with close to zero in favor, the proposal went away. (It was one of those ugly “smoke-filled room” deals, that the council tried to rush into approval before people could rally to stop it.)

    So even “minor” elected officials can make a big difference. Go, Mary Anne!

    (Also, interesting to see how diverse the ten candidates for the trustees were.)

  6. That library system is going to be much improved with her (partly) in charge.

  7. Today, the Oak Park Library Board; tomorrow, the World!

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