New Chengdu Worldcon Website Is Up

The Chengdu Worldcon has opened a beautiful new website:

The website is taking subscriptions for notifications. That worked for me.

The new site has pages with the information and forms for buying memberships; I did not put them to the test, since I already have a membership. (There was no way to sign in using the membership I already paid for, which was not a surprise; mine is part of the group they haven’t counted in yet.)

The current list of committee members and their assignments is here.

There are many departments with updated information. The News section on the Chinese language site (only) includes a detailed article about the successful Chengdu Party held at Chicon 8. Curiously, there is no page about the guests of honor.

[Thanks to Goobergunch for the story.]

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9 thoughts on “New Chengdu Worldcon Website Is Up

  1. Too bad they don’t have SSL certs for either site. That sends some browsers into a tizzy now, and is certainly not good for e-commerce sales.

  2. Right now I can see the Chinese site but can’t get to the English-language version, either from the link above or by clicking EN at the top of the Chinese home page.

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