New Doctor Who Looks Familiar

Michale Jodan, Chris BarkleyPaterson Joseph

The new Doctor Who and Chris Barkley — twins separated at birth? “I did notice the resemblance,” agrees Chris.

Barkley and Michaele Jordan pose at left in a 2006 photo by Keith Stokes, the new Doctor Who at right.

Hot on the heels of David Tennant’s departure from Doctor Who are rumours of a replacement – Paterson Joseph.

Sources close to the BBC reportedly confirm that Joseph became the first black man to portray the famous doctor when he accepted an offer a couple of days ago.

Joseph previously appeared in a Doctor Who episode, “Bad Wolf,” in a small part. His other sf credits include the role of Giroux in Aeon Flux.

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2 thoughts on “New Doctor Who Looks Familiar

  1. If I remember correctly, he was the winning contestant on the future version of The Weakest Link (featuring the marvelous Anne Droid), although he eventually discovered that nobody wins when the Daleks are running the game.

    Now we have to figure out what his costume will be, and if the console room will be changed, too.

  2. Well now…it seems that the BBC fed the public at large a red herring with the leak of Paterson Joseph last November…The new Doctor has been named; Matt Smith.

    Whom I do not resemble in any way, shape or form.


    Oh well, maybe next regeneration…grumble, grumble, grumble…

    Chris M. Barkley
    Cincinnati, OH

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