New Dublin in 2019 Worldcon Bid

James Bacon announced a Dublin bid for the 2019 Worldcon this afternoon at LoneStarCon 3.

Their proposed venue is Convention Centre Dublin (CCD), on the north side of the River Liffey, a mile east of the center of the city. The CCD has a 2,000-seat auditorium with a full theatrical stage, six foyers and 4,500 square meters of exhibition space. The Worldcon would have sole use of the CCD.

The con would be held August 14-19, 2019.

The bid also has unveiled its official website. There is a wealth of detail about the facility, and hotels — 1,268 rooms are available within 850 meters or half a mile of the convention center.

The Dublin bid will officially launch in August 2014 at the 72nd Worldcon in London, followed by a launch at Shamrokon (Dublin). Prior to that, Irish fans will attend Eastercon 2014 and Arisia in Boston.

The bid committee’s “Home Team” is:

Shelly Coleman, Carol Connolly, Pat Fanning, Malcolm Hutchison, Gareth Kavanagh, Dave Lally, Ted Lee, Ruth Long, Aisling Lynch, Cat McGrath, Maura McHugh, Alissa McKersie, CE Murphy, Sonia Murphy, Brian Nisbet, Mick O’Connor, Rod O’Hanlon, Peadar Ó’Guilín, Trish O’Flaherty, Sorcha Power, Helen Ryder, Philippa Ryder, Lynda E. Rucker, James Shields, Sten Thaning, Julian West, Nicholas Whyte.

And its “Away Team” includes:

Eemeli Aro, Claire Brialey, Liz Batty, Steve Cooper, John Dowd, Vincent Docherty, Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf, Deb Geisler, Colin Harris, Nigel Furlong, Mark Herrup, Edward James, Alice Lawson, Mark Meenan, Farah Mendlesohn, Helen Montgomery, Mark Plummer, TR Renner, Ian Stockdale, Geri Sullivan, Paul Taylor, Kees Van Toorn.

Fáilte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority, and The Dublin Convention Bureau have agreed to provide support for a Worldcon in Ireland, including monetary assistance, if the bid is successful.

A downloadable copy of the bid brochure is here [PDF file].

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