Next Doctor Who To Be Revealed Sunday

It’s almost time to meet the Thirteenth Doctor. says the next Doctor Who will be introduced this weekend:

It’s the news that Whovians all over the world have been waiting for: The reveal of the 13th Doctor! Fans will not have to wait too long as they have just announced that the actor will finally be unveiled this Sunday, July 16, after the Wimbledon finals!


Actor or actress? Showing up in the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Here’s the BBC’s teaser:

4 thoughts on “Next Doctor Who To Be Revealed Sunday

  1. The easy money (literally, I’m talking about the London bookies) is on Kris Marshall, who recently quit as the lead in the Caribbean mystery series Death In Paradise.

  2. Marshall would be a very safe and obvious choice. I’m hoping for a bit more…imagination.

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