Nichelle Nichols Takes A Close Look at The Final Frontier

She did it — Nichelle Nichols rode with the SOFIA telescope to the edge of space!

The largest airborne observatory in the world is a joint project by NASA and the German Aerospace Center.

11 thoughts on “Nichelle Nichols Takes A Close Look at The Final Frontier

  1. Totally brilliant. And she shares her ST name with the world’s first X-Ray space telescope:


    (Yeah, it’s a different spelling, but it’s the word that Roddenberry had in mind, Swahili for ‘freedom’. Guess he thought English speakers might have problems with -u endings.)

  2. Wonderful news bit, although I am getting worried: first the space station, and now on board another NASA project. Where are they hidden? The truth (about tribbles) is out there…

  3. She’s looking great! (And at 82, just after a mild stroke, to be up in the stratosphere? When I grow up, I want to be just like her…)

  4. Normally, I just complain about SOFIA and the giant sucking sound its budget makes in NASA Astrophysics. This, though, makes me smile.

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