Not a Forbidden Remake

I read Crotchety raving about a Forbidden Planet remake the other day. But according to Harry Knowles, what we think we know ain’t so! The Straczynski-scripted movie will be a “continuation” of the first Forbidden Planet, not a remake.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the link.]

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4 thoughts on “Not a Forbidden Remake

  1. Hey!

    Ok, it’s going to be a prequel or a sequel. That I can live with (I wonder if they’ve discovered that the Krell had interstellar travel too…?)

    But it WAS a good rave if I do say so myself.


  2. In an alternate world …..

    “Breaking Film News”

    “J. J. Abrams has announced he will be producing, directing, and writing the script for his remake of “Plan Nine From Outer Space.” Signed on are to star are Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino, Scarlett Johnansson, and Verne Troyer.”

    “The film will air on the Sci-Fi Channel in 4 episodes of 2 hours each.”

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