OED Editor To Donate a Few Words

Peter Gilliver, Associate Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, will speak at The Return of the Ring on “Making the Music: a possible source for the Ainulindalë.”

The Return of the Ring celebrates 75 years of The Hobbit. The event takes place at Loughborough University (UK) from August 16 to 20.

Gilliver is well-known to Tolkien fans as co-author of The Ring of Words: Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary with Jeremy Marshall and Edmund Weiner. He has described Tolkien’s time at the OED as “crucial” in shaping Tolkien’s works. When asked by a Tolkien Society interviewer why Tolkien’s stories appeal to so many Gilliver said:

I think there are so many reasons: the richness of the world he created, which draws you in with its incredible level of detail (some of it only glimpsed); his amazing skill at telling a good story, and his command of many different kinds of language in achieving that.

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