On My Sleeve Zine Helps TAFF, DUFF

A collection of John Hertz’ fanwriting, On My Sleeve, is available for a donation of at least US$5 or equivalent to TAFF (the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) or DUFF (the Down Under Fan Fund). Click here to see the Table of Contents (and a bit of poetry besides.)

Donate in local money payable to the Fund Administrator; ask that JH be notified, who will then mail the zine.

For TAFF: Steve Green, 33 Scott Rd, Solihull B92 7LQ, England, U.K.; Chris Garcia, 962 W. Weddell Dr. #15, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, U.S.A. 

For DUFF: Emma Hawkes, 9/36 Cape St., Osborne Park, WA 6017, Australia; Sue & Steve Francis, P.O. Box 58009, Louisville, KY 40268, U.S.A.

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