On the Avenue I’m Taking Who To, Forty-Second Street

Moshe Feder knew it was “pics or it never happened” when he encountered these Doctor Who-wrapped subway cars on the 42nd St. Shuttle between Grand Central and Times Square.

He says, “I saw them last Saturday night after returning from Naugatuck to Grand Central and then heading across town for an uptown train to Carnegie Hall.”

Thank you, Moshe, for letting me repost your photos!

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6 thoughts on “On the Avenue I’m Taking Who To, Forty-Second Street

  1. I was surprised to see an ad for Doctor Who during The Simpsons last night.

    Things for definitely different under the Disney regime…

  2. That explains why I never know when my train will arrive at my intended destination, or will it will wind up instead, and why the Subway always wants to ex-ter-mi-nate me. But alas, cars are not larger on the inside.

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