Other Awards Presented at Dragon Con

At last night’s Dragon Con Guest of Honor Banquet the Julie Award and Hank Reinhardt Fandom Award were presented. (Also the Eugie Foster Award, reported last night.)

2018 Julie Award

  • Peter Capaldi

In 1998, Dragon Con established the Julie Award presented annually in tribute to the legendary Julie Schwartz. The Julie Award is bestowed for universal achievement spanning multiple genres, selected each year by our esteemed panel of industry professionals.

The first recipient in 1998 was science fiction and fantasy Grandmaster Ray Bradbury.

As it happens, Fran Wilde captured a shot of Capaldi at the banquet before she was named the Eugie Award winner.


2018 Hank Reinhardt Georgia Fandom Award

  • Robby Hilliard

The Hank Reinhardt Georgia Fandom Award is presented for outstanding contributions to the genre by a Georgia writer, artist, or fan.

[Thanks to Cat Rambo, Fran Wilde, and Matt Kressel for the story.]

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