Picacio Airs Worldcon Payment Problem

John Picacio outlined for readers of his On the Front blog the problems some U.S. artists have experienced negotiating checks from Anticipation for art show sales:

American artists were in fact mailed checks well after the 60-day period. However, those checks were drafted with questionable routing number information that were subsequently denied by many American financial institutions. A letter accompanied those checks stating that the checks provided a legitimate US routing number, when in fact, they didn’t. They were effectively foreign checks that would necessitate gross collections fees and punitive processing delays of up to eight additional weeks. Not acceptable. When this was communicated to the con, its response was “the checks are fine; it must be your bank.”

Wrong answer, Worldcon.

Anticipation co-chair Rene Walling replied that he did, in fact, believe it was a problem with U.S. banks, because the account had been used to issue checks to other people in the U.S. for the past four years. However, the Worldcon has opened a temporary bank account in the U.S. to work around the problems and keep artists from incurring these fees for handling Canadian checks.

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