Plaque To The Future

Continuing File 770’s tradition of repeating Internet memes years after everyone else has finished with them, I present from Signs of Life


This is a parody of English Heritage’s historic building markers — just one of hundreds of spoof road signs, warning stickers and council order notices that ad men Dave Askwith and Alex Normanton stuck up around the country. Normanton was pleased to say, “Some lasted several weeks before being nicked, or taken down by disgruntled staff.”

The BBC News supplies more examples.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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4 thoughts on “Plaque To The Future

  1. He’s on Twitter:
    Jacob von Hogflume

    1864-1909. Professional Time Traveller. Inventor of a time machine. Enjoying Twitter whilst it lasts.

    In a time machine ·

    As is at least one other time traveler:
    Dr. Wendell A. Howe

    Temporal Anthropologist, with University of Cambridge since 2610, Licensed Time Traveller, PhD in History and Anthropology

    Victorian Age (usually) ·

  2. You might also have published #7 in the BBC News article, with its references to THE WIZARD OF OZ.

  3. The trouble with citing *anyone* as the inventor of time-travel is that its subject to retroactive change as soon as someone travels back to an even earlier time to steal the credit. I think the record for the moment is 4,004,363 BC, but that could change in a… woops, already has…

  4. It occurred to me back in the mid-1980s (C.E.) watching Tom Baker as The Doctor for a length of time that what The Doctor was practicing was to a great degree Temporal Anthropology.

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