Pournelle Resumes Chaos Manor Reviews

Chaos Manor Reviews is back. Jerry Pournelle’s computer column, which originated in Byte Magazine and made the leap to the internet, went dormant three years ago after he missed its deadline for the first time.

I had fiction projects to pursue, and my day book The View From Chaos Manor took up time, and having missed the deadline there wasn’t so much incentive to continue, I was recovering from radiation sickness from the successful cancer treatment, time went by, and that’s about all the excuses I’m going to make.

Weekly installments will appear throughout the month at Chaos Manor Reviews where they can be read free.

He sends an advance copy of the full column to subscribers – I plan to take the hint and renew.

Topics in the first Chaos Manor Reviews columns include:

  • Moore’s Law and Good Enough
  • Upgrading to DOCSIS3 Cable Modem
  • Wireless and Ethernet and Powerline Networking
  • Upgrading Chaos Manor Systems
  • Hard Drive Life Cycles and SSD Drives
  • Wireless – Faster and Faster
  • Good Enough and Ethernet
  • Docking Stations
  • Living with Firefox
  • The Bulging Mac Book Air
  • SD Memory Cards
  • Winding Down – Books and Movies

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