Pratchett Story Simulcast

When Nation, a play adapted from Terry Pratchett’s novel by Mark Ravenill, is staged live by the UK’s National Theatre on January 30, the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA will host a high definition simulcast of the performance. Quite an unusual opportunity:

A parallel world, 1860. Two teenagers are thrown together by a tsunami that has destroyed Mau’s village and left Daphne shipwrecked on his South Pacific island, thousands of miles from her aristocratic home in Victorian England. Neither speaks the other’s language; somehow they must learn to survive. Daphne delivers a baby, milks a pig, and does battle with a mutineer. Mau fights cannibal Raiders, discovers the world is round, and questions the reality of his tribe’s fiercely patriarchal gods. Together they come of age as they discard old doctrine to forge a new Nation.

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