Prix Bob Morane 2023 Finalists

The 2023 Prix Bob Morane shortlist was announced on January 23.

The Prix Bob Morane is a French literary prize named for a fictional adventurer created by Belgian writer Henri Vernes in the 1950s. 


  • Tom Clearlake : Signatures, Moonlight
  • Eva Dequard : Gemina, Auto Edition
  • Laurent Genefort : Les temps ultramodernes, Albin Michel
  • Philippe Le Roy : Aliana, Cosmopolis
  • Xavier Massé : 30 secondes, Taurnada
  • Olivier Paquet : Composite, L’Atalante


  • P. Djeli Clark : Maître des Djinns, L’Atalante (A Master of Djinn. Translated into French by  Mathilde Montier)
  • Anthony Doerr : La cité des nuages et des oiseaux, Albin Michel (Cloud Cuckoo Land. Translated into French by  Marina Boraso)
  • Paul J. McAuley : Austral, Bragelonne (Austral. Translated into French by  Sébastien Baert)
  • Francis Stevens : La fiole au cerbère, Marie Barbier (The Heads of Cerberus. Translated into French by  Michel Pagel)


  • Jean-Marc De Vos : La dernière machine, Auto Edition
  • Jean-Marc Ligny : Dix légendes des âges sombres, L’Atalante
  • Estelle Tharreau : Digital way of life, Taurnada

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One thought on “Prix Bob Morane 2023 Finalists

  1. Congratulations to all the finalists, particularly to Francis Stevens and her translator Michel Pagel, who managed to get a nomination 104 years after The Head of Cerberus (which is well worth reading BTW) was published.

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