Recruiting Martians

Morgan Freeman narrates this promo for a career as an astronaut in the Ares program.

Astronaut Mark Watney’s pre-mission training program highlights the rigorous emotional, physical, and mental preparation required of the ARES 3 crew in order to prepare for their #JourneyToMars.


[Thanks to JJ for the link.]

7 thoughts on “Recruiting Martians

  1. That title: “Leave Your Mark”


    ETA: Just found out why my picture isn’t showing up when I post from this browser — typo in my own e-mail address when it autofilled the form here.

  2. K’Breel, Speaker for the Council of Elders, addressed his planet thus:
    “Fellow Beings! The hideous creatures from the evil blue planet are attempting to recruit you! Resist! Resist I Say! The Blueworlders lack the gelsacs to come here themselves but are content to sent their mechanical terrors in their stead. Their anonymous cowardice knows no bounds! Mark my words, the Invaders will be repelled. They will flee in droves and individually. Weir going to prevail!
    Now, go Fourth into battle!”

  3. Darn, snowcrash beat me to it. It is, however, pitch-perfect. Including the product placement.
    I’m really getting good vibes about this movie. Their ad campaign gets it. I really hope the movie does, too.

  4. Leave your mark?
    Backspace to remove your mark?
    Dog with a cleft palate? (Punchline)
    Sometimes for a copy writer they just write themselves.

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