Roddenberry’s Son on His Way to Vulcan

Starship in Vulcan, AlbertaApparently it is true that “if you build it they will come.” At the entrance to Vulcan, Alberta is a 31-foot-long, 9-foot-tall replica starship, inspired by classic Star Trek’s Enterprise. It’s the largest physical component of a community-wide tourism theme that also drives Spock Days/Galaxy Fest, happening June 13-15, 2008.

The goal of having people identify the town of Vulcan with the popular TV and movie franchise has been pursued since 1991. Trek celebrities have been lured to Vulcan many times over the years. This coming weekend Vulcan will host Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. , who will unveil a plaque in honor of his father, creator of the Star Trek series.

The festival will also feature the Flying Trekkies, a Star Trek-dressed seven-person skydiving that will land on Vulcan’s main street; a parade; a Star Trek-inspired fashion show; Klingon Karaoke; Galaxyfest Banquet; and related exhibits.

Anyone who gets as far as Vulcan certainly should take the Star Trek Tour. The sights include “The Doctors of Star Trek Mural” on the wall of Wright’s Pharmacy, designed and painted by Kim Fortin. See if you can match each Doctor with the correct Star Trek series.

Spock Days/Galaxy Fest gives people a more compelling reason to visit this small town than when its fame depended on being “the point in the British Empire from which the largest number of bushels of grain is shipped direct from farm to rolling stock.” Which wasn’t much to work with, especially since none of it was quadrotriticale.

Update 6/11/2008: Added photo from Steven Wright’s Brandcanada blog.

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  1. I visited Vulcan for the first time a month or so ago. Even the local bank staff were wearing Star Trek uniforms. Made a little movie of the town:

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