Rotsler Award Exhibit
at Dublin 2019

Thanks to Tad Daley for this fine series of photos of the Rotsler Award exhibit at Dublin 2019. The rest of them follow the jump.

The Rotsler Award is for long-time wonder-working with graphic art in amateur publications of the science fiction community.  The current judges are Sue Mason, Mike Glyer, and John Hertz.  It’s named for Bill Rotsler (1926-1997), a long-time wonder-worker.  The annual award is ordinarily announced at Loscon.

See exhibit photos below.

8 thoughts on “Rotsler Award Exhibit
at Dublin 2019

  1. I’ll be forever grateful to appear alongside the fan artists in this display. It is an honor to be associated with Bill Rotsler’s name, a great friend and a great fan.

  2. The display could probably be funded just from selling buttons with “Organized fandom?” on them.

  3. I’m glad the exhibit actually showed up this time, unlike 2015; has it gotten to previous Worldcons? Was it saved to go on to future Worldcons?

  4. Actually two fans Jan Bender and Gary Echternacht were tasked with lugging these from Los Angeles to Dublin, having to wrestle the heavy and large tube into the overhead compartment on the plane, drag it on busses and trains throughout their travels in Dublin, get up early to deliver them to the con, and the reverse the process to drag it back to LA. As I was their travel companion I witnessed all this. Thanks should go to them.

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  6. As long as there are kind folks willing to take it to worldcons it will go. Next year we start a 5th banner for the 2019 winner. Thanks to all those who do the lugging! It is appreciated.

  7. John Hertz responds by carrier pigeon:

    Hi, Viqqi. I was looking for someone to take the Rotsler Award exhibit to the Dublin Worldcon and bring it back. Jan and Gary said they would, and they did (VS, JB, GE, and I have been acquainted for years; I’ve known JB since at least the days when she drew Penguins Have No Mercy). Tad Daley said he’d get pictures, and he did. I’ve thanked them, and I’m glad to do so again here.

    I’ve carried the exhibit myself to Worldcons that I attended, and put it up too, long before Elizabeth with her excellent computer tech made the much more manageable banners that the exhibit has now. I’ve had welcome help. Murray Moore and Randy Smith can tell you stories.

    That’s what fans do. We give each other a hand. As a teacher of mine said about something else, the difference is in the participation.

    Of course all the Rotsler Award judges (currently Our Gracious Host, Sue Mason, and me), our sponsor the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests (currently hard at work on the 2019 World Fantasy Convention), and I believe I may say the community as a whole, are grateful to the fanartists who do this fine work, and to the fanziners and others who publish it. Long may they wave.

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