Tad Daley’s Dublin 2019 Photos

Tad Daley, who provided our shots of the Rotsler Award exhibit at Dublin 2019 , has shared more of his Worldcon photos.

Audience for “Disasters and apocalyptic world changes.”

Panelists for “Disasters and apocalyptic world changes.” Left to right: Juliana Rew; face obscured, but perhaps Faith Hunter; Anna Gryaznova, LL.M. (National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Moscow, Russia)) , Dr Tad Daley (Citizens for Global Solutions)

Opening Ceremonies.

The Famous Ha’Penny Bridge over the River Liffey just a block or so from the WorldCon Dublin Convention Center.

Tad Daley with Dr. Bradley Lyau, winner of the Sam Moskowitz Archive Award.

Worldcon panelist and longtime LASFS member Tad Daley with his wife Kitty Felde, www.bookclubforkids.org, standing over the River Liffey just a few blocks from Worldcon HQ at the Dublin Convention Center. 

A couple of favorite t-shirts seen at the con.

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8 thoughts on “Tad Daley’s Dublin 2019 Photos

  1. The Ha’Penny Bridge is a lot farther than “just a block or so” from the Dublin Convention Centre!

  2. The bridge near the convention center was the Samuel Beckett bridge. As Rich Lynch says, the Ha’Penny bridge is much further away. I walked to that area. It’s at least a mile, probably more.

  3. We do, at least in places. When I moved to Houston, I tried to go by bus and foot to places, and on the map the bus stop was only a couple of blocks away from where I wanted to go….but then when I actually tried going, the walk was half a mile.

  4. In the front row of the audience for the “Disasters” panel, second from left is Judith Hanna, third from left is Joseph Nicholas, and last from left (I mean, first from right) is Judy Johnson. Judith and Joseph are Londoners; Judy lives in Western Washington State.

  5. Thanks FANDOM for your attention to detail.

    I just checked it out on the Dublin map. Looks like the Ha’Penny Bridge is about 4200 feet from Convention Center. I stand corrected!

    But now I’m woindering. Did I misidentify the bridge itself? IS THAT the Ha”Penny Bridge?

    Hey, even though we are science FICTION fandom, these captions should be rigorous on their FACTS!


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