8 thoughts on “Second Star Wars Teaser Trailer Drops

  1. It’s looking like it might be a good movie. Certainly it has the potential to be better than the prequels…

  2. As soon as I saw the crashed Star Destroyer, I started tearing up, and by the end was outright crying.

    What is it about these films and these characters which somebody like me, who has no illusions that these are not actors or special effects, still burst into tears because they are of such emotional importance?

  3. One hopes that Lucas is kept away from the thing for fear he will wimp out like he did with the prequels.

    1.) It is ok to have space nobles
    2.) It is ok to have quasi-buddist warrior monks (no bacteria please)
    3.) It is ok to have space princesses
    4.) It is ok to have people speak in dialects that reflect real world languages (so much hate for Ep 1 when what the original series did was “worse” it was just that the languages weren’t recognized).
    5.) It is VERY VERY BAD to have Big Bads that go around crying half the movie

  4. Lucas is not involved. He sold the whole thing. Let’s see how it turns out. The bar is kind of low after the prequels.

  5. Mike,mare you sure of that date? If so –

    Those BASTARDS!

    It was originally scheduled to appear on my birthday.

    Now no more SW themed bdayparty for me….

  6. Wow! A big special effects scene that’s EXACTLY like the same big special effects scene in every other Star Wars “episode.” I think that tells me all I need to know about the upcoming one…

  7. I will wait. I still feel that Lucas began circling the drain with that STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL.

    But Lucas sold his empire.

    Sometime trailers are the best parts of the film clipped and edited into something exciting.

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