Self-Published SF Competition 2021: The Semifinalists Assigned to Team File 770

Two weeks ago the ten judging teams of the Self-Published SF Competition 2021 finished picking the 30 books that will advance to the semifinal round.

Next, each team will read the books advanced to the semis by two other teams and score them. Then, the field will be whittled down to seven finalists which every judge will score to produce the winner.

Here are the six books Team File 770 will be scoring in phase two –

The books Team File 770 will be reading came from these teams:

Team At Boundary’s Edge

DarosDave Dobson
DestroyerBrian G. Turner
Mazarin BluesAl Hess

Team 7 / Fantasy Book Critic

Iron TruthS.A. Tholin
Steel GuardianCameron Coral
ARVektCraig Lea Gordon

If you’re curious, Alex Horman has a nice explanation of the mathematical process that will translate team scores into finalists and the winner over At Boundary’s Edge.

Meanwhile, Duncan Swan has put together a set of colorful graphs filled with trivia about the semifinalists. (Click for larger images.)

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3 thoughts on “Self-Published SF Competition 2021: The Semifinalists Assigned to Team File 770

  1. Thanks, Mike. I’m new to your flyer and it’s great–thanks so much. I notice that you post lots of information about award results. Do you also post calls for award submissions?

  2. Thanks, Mike. I was asking because I want to submit my own work for awards, not because I run an award. That’s good to know–I will keep an eye on your flyer. All best.

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