September the First is Too Late

Star Trek: The Experience

Star Trek: The Experience will end its 11-year run at the Las Vegas Hilton on September 1.

I suppose it betrays my lack of eagerness to see this spectacle that I was in Las Vegas twice for sf conventions this year and didn’t go. But they expect big crowds this weekend, and some of the tickets for the final ride are being sold on eBay.

There won’t be a dry eye in the house Monday at 10 p.m. when they hold a special “decommissioning ceremony” after the final rides.

The STTE team are going to great lengths on this event, even doing research  for it to follow naval traditions so they can decommission ‘the time station’ and ‘close the temporal rift’ between the 24th century and the 21st century.

Years ago, when the first Polaris nuclear submarines were still in service, somebody speculated that when the day came they had to be decommissioned, the Navy would just fill the missile tubes with concrete and sink them to the bottom of the sea. That’s not how it’s really done, and fans likewise need have no fear that the replica Enterprise will end up as an artifical reef at the bottom of Lake Mead:

As for what happens to all the stuff inside Star Trek The Experience, TrekMovie has been told that all the props and replicas, including the items in the Museum, will go back to CBS and they will not be auctioned off.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the link.]

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