SFPA Member Wins NA Haiku Contest

N. E. Taylor, a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, won the 2013 Haiku Contest sponsored by Haiku North America. The results were announced August 17 at the group’s conference in Long Beach, CA.

There were 1500 entries in the contest, judged by Garry Gay.

N.E. Taylor’s winning haiku has been posted on the HNA website –

camellia floating
in a white cup
snow on mount fuji

Congratulations to Taylor, who has shared her poetry many times at Loscon.

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2 thoughts on “SFPA Member Wins NA Haiku Contest

  1. Clearly, they’re using some definition of “haiku” with which I’m unfamiliar. Perhaps this was translated from Japanese, in which it has the correct form, but I doubt it.

  2. The Haiku Society of America begins its comment about haiku form — “Most haiku in English consist of three unrhymed lines of seventeen or fewer syllables, with the middle line longest, though today’s poets use a variety of line lengths and arrangements.”

    Apparently the 5-7-5 format I learned about in high school is typical of English language haiku rather than mandatory.

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