SF/SF Celebrates Sesquicentennial

Congratulations to Jean Martin and the crew at Science Fiction/San Francisco on reaching Issue 150 [PDF file].

SF/SF provides unparalleled coverage of everything happening in the Bay Area’s Big Tent fandom, every issue illustrated with lots of gorgeous photos from the latest cosplay and masquerade events.

Jack Avery started the zine in July 2005. Jean Martin and Chris Garcia joined as co-editors with issue #9. Avery became editor emeritus with #21 and Garcia retired after #100, leaving Martin alone at the helm, although the zine has always had strong support from staff members. The list of past and present assistants includes David Moyce, Eva Barrows, España Sheriff, Christopher Erickson and Tom Becker.

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4 thoughts on “SF/SF Celebrates Sesquicentennial

  1. OPUNTIA will have issue #274 since publication began in March 1991, and it is by no means the oldest or most frequent.

    Unfortunately the next generation seems to prefer blogging or tweeting. Will there be a fan Hugo for Best Tweet soon?

  2. The “next generation” sees no reason to wait a week, much less a whole month, to unload this kind of grumpiness on each other when they can do it as fast as they can press the send button.

  3. This kind of grumpiness? You mean like the stories on Jonathon Ross, the SFWA bulletin, and Ed Kramer?

  4. The kind of grumpiness that takes a post congratulating somebody for publishing 150 issues of her fanzine and, completely ignoring that, makes it all about 274 issues of his own fanzine. You were so busy complaining about another generation not doing fanzines that you didn’t bother to notice that SF/SF is in fact produced by a younger generation.

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