Best Professional Artist Trivia Question

While admiring the stark simplicity of James Nicoll’s pie graph showing 98% of all Best Pro Artist Hugo winners are men, I recalled another statistical truth. Once voters find an artist they love, he tends to keep winning the category for years on end! Thus, two trivia questions.

Question 1: More than half of the 58 Best Pro Artist Hugos have been won by three people. Who are they?

Question 2: In the Pro Artist category there have been more repeat Hugo winners than single winners. Which number pair below reflects the historic ratio between multiple and solitary winners?

(a) 11-6
(b) 13-6
(c) 15-8

The answers follow the jump.

Answer to Question 1: Michael Whelan, Kelly Freas and Bob Eggleton

Answer to Question 2: (a) 11-5

Here is the data:

Michael Whelan: 13
Kelly Freas: 10
Bob Eggleton: 8
Ed Emshwiller: 4
Jim Burns: 3
Jack Gaughan: 3
Donato Giancola: 3
Don Maitz: 2
John Picacio: 2
Rick Sternbach: 2
Shaun Tan: 2
Vincent DiFate: 1
Leo & Diane Dillon: 1
Frank Frazetta: 1
Roy Krenkel: 1
Stephan Martiniere: 1
John Schoenherr: 1

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