SFWA Announces 2022-2023 Board Members

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association Board of Directors effective July 1 is made up of the following members:

President: Jeffe Kennedy (2021–2023)

Vice President: John Murphy (2022–2024)

Secretary: Jasmine Gower (2022–2023)

Chief Financial Officer: Erin Hartshorn (2022–2024)

Directors-at-Large: Monica Valentinelli (2022–2024), Jordan Kurella (2022–2024), Remy Nakamura (2021–2023), Christine Taylor-Butler (2021–2023), and José Pablo Iriarte (2021–2023).

The Directors and Officers who left the SFWA Board on June 30 were Nathan Lowell (CFO), Tobias S. Buckell (Vice President), Adam Rakunas (Secretary), and Phoebe Barton (Director-At-Large). Lowell, Buckell, and Barton had completed the terms they were elected to in 2020.

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