Social Media’s Spoutible Challenged Over Sexual Content Policy

Some users think Spoutible might make a good landing place when they leave Twitter, however, the platform’s “Adult Nudity & Sexual Content” policy is being criticized by Courtney Milan and others. The policy begins –

Spoutible prohibits the posting or sharing of any sexually explicit content.  

Examples of Adult Nudity & Sexual Content may include: 

  1. Sharing or posting sexually explicit images or videos, including nudity, sexual acts, and pornography. 
  2. Engaging in sexually suggestive or explicit language in posts, comments, or private messages. 
  3. Sharing or posting sexually suggestive or explicit content, including images, videos, and text, that are not sexually explicit but still violate the community guidelines. 
  4.  Sharing or posting links to sexually explicit websites or content. 
  5. Posting sexually explicit comments or messages on public profiles or pages. 
  6. Engaging in non-consensual sharing or distribution of sexually explicit images or videos, also known as revenge porn. 

Exceptions may be made for medical, health, educational or artistic content. 

Courtney Milan asserts that under Spoutible’s policy people will risk being banned for discussing or providing links to various well-known public topics in a thread that starts here. Here are Milan’s opening comments:

Adele Buck shared some screencaps of others’ reactions.

Ursula Vernon had this comment on the kerfuffle.

Today Spoutible CEO Christopher Bouzy defended how the policy is administered:

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25 thoughts on “Social Media’s Spoutible Challenged Over Sexual Content Policy

  1. I’m going to use it, it’s one of two Near-twitters I have had 0 problems figuring out, but this means a lot of my friends won’t, which limits its value. Sigh.

  2. I’d also be interested in seeing the response of the horror community to this. Will people be told that violence is OK as long as the character isn’t looking flirty?

    The responses of some of Spoutible’s fans make me worry that black hats with big buckles will be in fashion again soon. (Will ducking stools follow?)

  3. I’m sorry, referring to talking as ‘Spouting’ is a major turn-off for me. Tweeting was bad enough, but spouting?

  4. This whole situation really raises a big red flag for me. One of the folks raising a ruckus with Courtney insisted that she wanted a “family-friendly” site because her grandchildren played with her phone. When I suggested she might not want to do social media on her phone, then, her snippy response was that it was her only internet, followed by a snitch block.

    A number of the complainers are older white women from Southern locations who claim liberal ties. But…I have my suspicions.

    And, as a result, while I’m keeping my Spoutible account just to protect my name, I’m not interested in developing a presence there. After all, I (oh dear) often have sweary characters. I’ve seen the same tone come up lately about swearing, on both Facebook and Twitter, with different people. I suspect we have a new wave of Puritanism incoming.

  5. I’m tired. I’m really tired.

    Most of the time I’ve been online I’ve been hearing about the irredeemable evil of whatever site I’ve been on. Spoutible and Mastodon at least don’t have effing Nazis, and aren’t trying to make us pay for content like Post is (the one I’ve been hearing the most “this place is too perfect for you to criticize” stuff about.)

    But if people would rather come join me on Mastodon than Spoutible, that’s fine with me.

  6. But will I still be able to post my fantasies about slitting the throats of writers whose opinions I disagree with?

  7. @Doctor Science,
    Apropos quote: “Ha-ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is “Never get involved in a land war in Asia,” but only slightly less well known is this.”

    It went very quickly from “Your policy doesn’t do what you think it does, can you clarify, and maybe we can help?” to a trash fire. If nothing else Christopher Bouzy’s comments & actions provide an obvious red flag to anyone planning to join Spoutible.

  8. @ Lis Carey

    Spoutible had an online Q&A about this today. I didn’t see the email until it was too late, but no doubt there will be news soon.

    I know some people were annoyed because it was announced very quickly, so there was little chance for many to join in.

    I published a short article about this for Medium — but didn’t dare share it on Twitter because there is bad behavior by some of the whale app followers there. 🙁 But if you’re interested, here is a link.

    The meeting was also discussed in a post on Reddit.

  9. @Anne Marble–Well, that was enlightening. Thank you.

    I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I do think he’s screwed this up.

    So, maybe join me on Mastodon, folks?

  10. @Lis Carey
    That’s odd. I thought I was following you… I think I was following you on another instance. Maybe I was following you in a Harry Turtledove alt-hist novel. 😉

  11. @Anne Marble–I’m sure that’s it. We were following each other in a Turtledove alt-hist novel.

    Possibly in the Three Miles Down universe…

  12. I suppose the good news is that Twitter seems to be keeping problems down to a dull roar since the moderation has been re-tweaked. There were a couple of rocky weeks during the transition, but things have evened out since then.

    We adore chaos because we love to produce order. – M.C. Escher

  13. I’m far enough off-twitter that I’m a Mastodon admin, too, so I guess I’ve really made the hop (I am the sysadmin for, which … I think some of you use?)

    I’m not off twitter because I fear it’s going to collapse, I’m off Twitter because I refuse to contribute to Musk’s profits through my engagement, and I’ve found that the parts of Twitter I liked best have already made the move to Mastodon and don’t look likely to go back. I’ll keep investing my time in making the shop a delightful experience, and enjoy the non-monetized socializing.

  14. I’m glad people are finding homes. For me, I’ve bounced off of Mastodon one time too many to take it seriously (NO I AM NOT ASKING FOR HELP). I have other networks and if this situation has taught me anything, it’s that I need to work on maximizing my current networks rather than try to launch myself on a new platform right now.

    (What is annoying is that I hit a glitch which is apparently common to a minority of users, but I get frequently told that it doesn’t exist by those who don’t encounter it. I’ve decided what this means is that Masto is not the place for me, alas. Plus, the only place I seem to find the LIBERAL equestrian community is on Twitter, of all places…and I didn’t discover them until after Musk took over. SIGH. And yes, finding the right sort of liberal horse community on social media is a challenge. Too many of them are touchy-feely sorts, not trainers, competitors, or serious riders. I’ve done my time arguing with the Parelli cult, the Brannaman cult, the Anderson cult…etc, which is alas too common on equestrian social media.)

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