Social Media’s Spoutible Challenged Over Sexual Content Policy

Some users think Spoutible might make a good landing place when they leave Twitter, however, the platform’s “Adult Nudity & Sexual Content” policy is being criticized by Courtney Milan and others. The policy begins –

Spoutible prohibits the posting or sharing of any sexually explicit content.  

Examples of Adult Nudity & Sexual Content may include: 

  1. Sharing or posting sexually explicit images or videos, including nudity, sexual acts, and pornography. 
  2. Engaging in sexually suggestive or explicit language in posts, comments, or private messages. 
  3. Sharing or posting sexually suggestive or explicit content, including images, videos, and text, that are not sexually explicit but still violate the community guidelines. 
  4.  Sharing or posting links to sexually explicit websites or content. 
  5. Posting sexually explicit comments or messages on public profiles or pages. 
  6. Engaging in non-consensual sharing or distribution of sexually explicit images or videos, also known as revenge porn. 

Exceptions may be made for medical, health, educational or artistic content. 

Courtney Milan asserts that under Spoutible’s policy people will risk being banned for discussing or providing links to various well-known public topics in a thread that starts here. Here are Milan’s opening comments:

Adele Buck shared some screencaps of others’ reactions.

Ursula Vernon had this comment on the kerfuffle.

Today Spoutible CEO Christopher Bouzy defended how the policy is administered: