Spectrum 27 Awards Nominations

Dan dos Santos – Penric’s Progress

The jury for Spectrum 27: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art has nominated the top five artworks in eight categories for consideration for either a silver and gold award.

Judges Alice A. Carter, Craig Elliott, Anthony Francisco, Courtney Granner, Forest Rogers and Chie Yoshii debated the merits of hundreds of pieces of art before finalizing this list on Saturday, February 8 at the Flesk Publications offices in Santa Cruz, California.

Established in 1993 by Cathy and Arnie Fenner, the first Spectrum annual appeared in 1994 from Underwood Books; for over a quarter of a century it has attracted participants from around the world and has set the standards for excellence in fantasy and science fiction art. John Fleskes became the Director and Publisher of Spectrum in 2014 with volume 21.

The recipients will be announced at the Spectrum 27 Awards Ceremony that will be held at the Grand Ballroom of the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, MO on Friday evening, March 20. The 2020 Spectrum Grand Master Award honoree will also be announced during the ceremony.

To see all the nominated art, click here and scroll past the text-only nominee list.


  • Anna and Elena Balbusso Twins – The Magic Flute Backstage
  • Brom – Lilith
  • Bartos Kosowski – The Shining
  • Alessandra Pisano – The Part You Throw Away
  • Bayard Wu – Fighting in the Harpy Nest


  • Sam Araya – Arthur Jermyn
  • Rovina Cai – Ivywood Manor
  • Dan dos Santos – Penric’s Progress
  • Sija Hong – The Three Lords of Shambhala
  • Yuko Shimizu – The Wind Up Bird Chronicle


  • Thomas Campi – L’éveil, page 25
  • Jessica Dalva – The Dollhouse Family #1
  • Tim Probert – Lightfall 1: Walk in the Woods
  • Claudya Schmidt – Myre: Flora
  • Leif Yu – Rainforest


  • Ian Chiew – Island Woodblock
  • Te Hu – la Marcarena
  • Finnian MacManus – Xulith
  • Andy Park – Captain Marvel Binary Powers Concept Design
  • Wu Qinghao – Devourer of Ghosts


  • Michihiro Matsuoka – Philosopher From The Past Coelacanth
  • Lucas Pina Penichet – Guardian of the Forest
  • Kristine and Colin Poole – Spinner of Dreams
  • Dug Stanat – Space Madness
  • David Zhou – Harpy


  • Sam Araya – The Forest Yell
  • Galen Dara – Many Hearted Dog
  • Angi Pauly – Blue Moon Harvest
  • Red Nose Studio – Truth, Lies & Uncertainty: Truth
  • Tooba Rezaei – Blue Hope


  • Tyler Jacobson – The Broken Sword/Throne of Eldraine
  • Iain McCaig – Claim the Firstborn
  • Mike Miller – Quest
  • John Jude Palencar – The Stranger: The Seventh Faith
  • Chase Stone – Tymaret Chosen From Death


  • Diego Fernandez – 492
  • Axel Sauerwald – Ascent
  • Jan Wessbecher – Celsius 13: Junkyard Crew
  • Allen Williams – Armorus
  • Daniel Zrom – The Spoon Thief
Galen Dara – Many Hearted Dog

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