9 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #1

  1. I’m very positive towards this one. Tom Holland was great in Civil Wat, the best Spider-Man yet. Had some really good banter and showed off the light side of Spider-Man. Hope for more of that.

  2. I was excited about a new Spiderman film as soon as I heard Spidey was for sure going to be in Civil War. Easily my favourite of the Marvel line-up, absolutely deserves a solid film (and it looks like they’ll cut out the f**king origin story this time!)

  3. Oneiros, if they cut the origin story (and have him fighting someone other than the Green Goblin, again) then I might actually watch this one. I’m sick to death of the same movie, over and over and over and over.

  4. @Cassy B: looks like the Vulture (played by Michael “Birdman” Keaton!) in this one, plus possibly others of Spidey’s rogue’s gallery who aren’t common choices as well. I agree that if it does end up being yet another origin story then it’ll be pointless, but sjgns are looking good (or maybe I’m just being hopelessly optimistic that we’ll finally get a good Spidey movie).

  5. I’m sick of origin or near-origin stories, but the trailer for this makes me want to see it. No mean feat, when I’ve been ignoring Spider-Man movies for years now.

  6. Since this will play after Civil War, the origin story is bassicly done. I suspect they will mention it and offer maybe a title-credit-fast-forward version like they did in the Hulk.

    My guess they will focus on him handling the superhero stuff and the normal Life. Sort of like the second Spidey-movie (The Kerstin Dunst spiderman). Which would work better without the Happy ending of the first part….

  7. Yep, they really need to assume everyone going to see this knows the basics and just get the hell on with it. Looks like it’ll be more about balancing teenager-dom with superhero-ness.

  8. Yeah, that’s why I said near-origin story; it feels like “Spidey just starting out” which is generally half of origin-story movies, it seems to me. Still, it looks fun and not boring, so I’ll probably see it! 🙂 Then if they can just manage to proceed from there, I’ll be happy and keep coming back.

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