Sputnik Award Finalists

Did you forget about The Sputnik Award? Jo Lindsay Walton’s new award, covered by File 770 in May, promised a winner would be announced before the year is out. And that’s almost what has happened.

Walton reports two finalists have emerged from the Dungeons of Democracy —

  • N.K. Jemisin, THE FIFTH SEASON
  • Naomi Novik, UPROOTED

“The winner will be announced in a virtual ceremony in the coming months,” he promises. “Keep your eyes flayed.”

Victory depends on an RPG-like tournament in the Dungeons of Democracy, governed by rules like these —

(6) Ballots who have run out of HP flee the Dungeons of Democracy using a Town Hall Portal spell, to await the results.

(7) The process is repeated from (2). If two rounds pass in a row without any damage being inflicted, the award administrator must either:

  • introduce a Monster Ballot (see below); and/or
  • eliminate the ballot with the lowest number of total HP, even if it’s not yet at zero.

While you’re waiting for the process to play out, entertain yourself by reviewing a list of the illustrious past winners of the Sputnik Award:

While 2016 is the first year that Terrans can vote in the Award, it has been going strong in other parts of the universe for eons. Past winners include:

Robert Silverbellied, Majiporcupine Chroniprickles
Theodore Pincushion, E Pluribus Unomnomnomnomnom
David Gerrolledup, The Hedgehog Who Folded Himself Right Up
William Gibsonic, Mario Luigi Overdrive

E.E. Smithryn, Expecto Galactic Patronum
David Broom, Hat of the Kermit
Frank Herb, Dune: House Hufflepuff Joe Haldemon, The Forever Wart
Vernor Vingerbread, A Frog Upon the Lap

Philip K. Dalek, Through a Stairwell Dalekly
J.K. Rolling, Harry Plunger and the Order of the Peppershaker
Kevin J. Anderselfiestick, The Dalek Between the Stairs
Ann Dalekie, Ancillary Justice! Ancillary Justexterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

3 thoughts on “Sputnik Award Finalists

  1. I did not forget about the Sputnik Awards, and have been wondering for some time what was happening with them.

  2. While I’m not 100% sure, I think this is how my ballot currently stands:

    Mithril Mech (The Fifth Season) 15 hp
    Hedgehog (Uprooted) 0 hp, rolled up in the Mithril Mech’s belly
    Witch (The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet) 0 hp, turned into a bedraggled owl, perched on the Mithril Mech’s head
    Dalek (Planetfall), 10 hp

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