Standlee Produces Business Meeting Basics Video

Got to hand it to Kevin Standlee for all the hard work he puts into evangelizing the Worldcon business meeting.

Here is an 8-minute video about the basic operating rules. Clear, concise, correct.

Kind of reminds me of those driver training videos. The challenge is to apply that learning at freeway speeds — or the rate at which sausage is made by business meeting veterans.

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7 thoughts on “Standlee Produces Business Meeting Basics Video

  1. I am grateful for the effort Kevin puts into educating us all; some day people may actually realise that there isn’t some guy somewhere who runs Worldcon…

  2. Thanks for the kind words. And thanks to the members of the Westercon 68 Business Meeting who stuck around after the meeting and play-acted meeting mechanics for the video. It makes things much better to be able to show examples. And if we get more people who don’t have to be told what it means to be “recognized by the chair” or what a “serpentine vote” is, we can spend more time actually discussing the issues.

  3. Also, I couldn’t have done this without Lisa recording it, including getting the sound right for the narration I recorded later for the sections that didn’t have “live” sound.

  4. I clicked on this thinking it was the Muppets preview. Kevin, you deserve your own ABC show. It just needs more Muppets.

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