Star Power Couldn’t Save This Sci-Fi Series

By Carl Slaughter: Threshold is a much-overlooked science fiction alien bio-invasion mystery drama.

Threshold was produced by Star Trek producer Brannon Braga and starred Data actor Brent Spiner, Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage, and A-lister Carla Gugino.  Burn Notice’s Jeffrey Donovan portrays a half alien/half human serial killer waging a war of attrition against the invaders.  Viola Davis portrays a cop partially brought into the loop by the Threshold team. It aired on CBS in 2005.

The series started off well as the researchers investigated the identity, nature, and purpose of the aliens.  After several episodes, this arc was abandoned in favor of a CSI/manhunt alien of the week format.  Threshold was cancelled before the first season’s 13 episodes finished airing.

Threshold playlist — see all the episodes free.

9 thoughts on “Star Power Couldn’t Save This Sci-Fi Series

  1. It started out and Friday nights (which I remember) and then it was moved to Tuesday. I had reservations due Braga’s involvement (I had mixed feelings on his work on Trek). I saw it and it was OK. A friend of mine who is a doctor and geneticist said the science was plausible.

  2. BTW, I think you linked to pirated copies of the show.

    Th audio is higher pitched than it should be. it sounds like someone sped up the clips to confuse Youtube’s ContentID system.

  3. I saw it when it aired and tracked down the remaining episodes online. I thought it started strong and had some good twists throughout the season. Plus, I’ll watch Carla Gugino and Peter Dinklage in just about anything.

  4. We watched it in original release. The idea that aliens were invading and changing some people’s DNA from double to triple helix was awfully dumb, but I thought the acting was pretty good.

  5. I have very vague memories that this was one of several serialised SFF mystery shows created to cash in on the success of Lost. Flash Forward and Surface were others of the same ilk, as were the more successful Jericho and Heroes. I have watched at least one episode of the others, but if I ever watched even a single episode of Threshold, I can’t remember a thing about it.

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