11 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond Trailer #2

  1. Was that The Expanse’s Shohreh Aghdashloo I heard doing some of the voiceover?

  2. @Bonnie McDaniel

    Certainly sounds like it.

    Interesting trailer actually, didn’t really care for the first two reboots. At least this one seems to be more original. Karl Urban still rocks as McCoy too.

  3. It certainly has more of a space opera feel to it than the horrible “Sabotage” trailer.

    The reboots have moments in them that are good, but I still can’t see them as Star Trek — at least not in the classic sense of the series. They’re modern action movies and that’s pretty much it. Also, can they please dispense with the trope of having a person be able to catch themselves from falling just by their fingertips? That is not possible.

  4. I enjoyed the first one for what it was, red matter and all. And blowing up Vulcan and keeping it blown up was ballsy. I was sure that they were going to undo that with some time travel timey wimey.

    The second movie was a pointless, utterly pointless remake of Wrath of Khan, complete with a wasted actor (The Cumberbund) and an absolutely inspid and stupid chase sequence in the denouement that makes zero sense.

    So this movie does not really excite me.

  5. @Bonnie McDaniel: Aghdashloo was brought in during reshoots to play the Federation President.

    She is so wonderful as Avasarala. I can’t wait for Bobbie to show up.

  6. @Paul Weimer: Word. The second one also showed that the writers utterly failed to understand the implications of their own plot points, e.g., Scott’s trans-warp beaming has made starships all but obsolete.

    At least they took this movie away from Roberto Orci, so hopefully they jettisoned all of his script as well.

  7. I didn’t bother to see the second movie and I’m not excited by this one, but at least the cast is aging into their roles. “The Archies Go to Space” vibe of the first movie didn’t really compel me.

  8. @Jim Henley

    I think Urban was the only one to hit the role out of the park. Apparently his McCoy made Nimoy burst into tears and his introduction was the best bit of the first film for me.


    Seeing as Most Wanted is a no go maybe they should get another Bobbie to play her. More Adrianne Palicki would be fine with me…

  9. Haven’t read further than Leviathan Wakes to be fair. Read it as I was watching the first season. That was purely off the cuff as I liked Palicki’s Mockingbird.

    She looks cool though and as you say suits the canon ethnicity. Looking forward to Season 2!

  10. Urban is really the only thing I like about these movies. I wish he were a bigger star. Quinto is pretty good too.

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