3 thoughts on “Star Wars To Forget

  1. I’ll grant you the first one. But the two Ewok movies are perfectly fine kiddie flicks for their time – we don’t see many cinema releases like this nowadays because we’ve got multiple digital tv channels for kids instead; that’s where e.g. Star Wars: Rebels find their home now. They’re no worse than, say, Escape to Witch Mountain or Digby (which are also both fine.)

  2. I remember watching The Ewok Adventure when it first aired. I would have been around 6-7. The monster/bad guy traumatized my little sister (who was only 3-4). Meanwhile, the scene where the kid gets stuck underwater freaked me out. Honestly, it probably still would. I have a semi-irrational fear of drowning.
    As I recall, Battle for Endor was really no worse than any other made for TV movie. Sure, it’s not up to Return of the Jedi standards, but I don’t think they had the budget for that.

  3. My brother and I watched the Ewok movies over and over and over again. We loved them. We had taped them off of television. My parents hate them but I’m not sure if it’s because we watched them again and again or if they are just terrible movies not having watched them as an adult.

    The Holiday Special I watched in college with friends and some spiked holiday drinks to help.

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