Statement by Chengdu Worldcon Hugo Administrator

Dave McCarty, Chengdu Worldcon Vice-Chair and co-department head for the Hugos, wrote on his Facebook page today that the 2023 Hugo nominations “should be ready before the end of February.”

So, an item that seems of some import to folks.

The Hugo administration team for Chengdu (of which I am the administrator) is still in the process of testing the nomination page for Chengdu. It will be at least a week or maybe 2 before we’re ready to open, but it should be ready before the end of February. We will not open until we are sure the page and database are ready. If we have to delay a bit more than this, we’ll let you know.

With our dates in October, nominations will stay open through the end of April, so the amount of time for nomination will hopefully be around the usual amount even if we’re starting a little later.

We’ll be closed in May to do our magical administration stuff and prepare the ballot announcement.

Voting on the ballot will happen in June through at least the end of August.

Emails with instructions for logging into the nominations page will be sent to everyone with WSFS rights to nominate shortly before nominations open up.

A paper ballot will be released shortly after nominations on the web open up.

So if this item is of “some import” to you, try not to shiver with antici– SAY IT –pation as you continue to monitor McCarty’s Facebook page.

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34 thoughts on “Statement by Chengdu Worldcon Hugo Administrator

  1. We will wait. Not necessarily patiently, but yeah, the change of dates for the con gives them more time.

    Doesn’t change the fact that lack of communication has contributed heavily to the, ah, “impatience.”

  2. Lis Carey: Doesn’t change the fact that lack of communication has contributed heavily to the, ah, “impatience.”

    The fact that the tone of this update is “Those of you who are concerned about this are being ridiculous <rolls eyes>, but since you’ve been making a fuss about it, I’ll give you an update” does not help, either.

  3. @JJ–Indeed. How silly of us to be frustrated by a lack of a normal flow of information, even as normal WorldCon-related dates slide past, with the only announcements being a change of location, and a change of dates with no prior public discussion.

  4. Lis Carey: How silly of us to be frustrated by a lack of a normal flow of information

    It’s really bizarre that he’s posted this on his Facebook page, instead of, you know, sending an e-mail out directly to the 2023-eligible nominators, which is what should have been done.

    If he doesn’t have access to that e-mail list, how is he going to send an e-mail to the membership announcing that nominations are now open?

    Why haven’t Yalow, Shepherd, Eastlake, McCarty, et al gotten that e-mail list from the Chengdu people who are in possession of that data?

  5. I would hope that Hugo voting would stay open until sometime in September. Three months between the announcement of finalists and the close of voting would definitely be on the short end of recent Hugo voting periods. (I use “announcement of finalists” and not “opening of voting” because I don’t have to wait for the latter to start reading.)

  6. @jj:

    It’s really bizarre that he’s posted this on his Facebook page, instead of, you know, sending an e-mail out directly to the 2023-eligible nominators, which is what should have been done.

    Oh this, this so much.

  7. I would have preferred that it be sent out to those with nomination rights, if for nothing else to confirm that my membership in last years Worldcon has carried on the nomination rights to me.

  8. Chengdu didn’t need to create its own front end and database for the Hugo nomination process. Worldcon 75 in Finland developed open source software called Kansa for this purpose and it was also used by Dublin 2019 and ConZealand.

    Here’s the GitHub repo.

  9. Hampus Eckerman: If it is a choice between waiting for an official email and not getting this update at all I’ll take the update on Facebook. Because I’m willing to bet that was the choice

  10. Where is this mythological Facebook page? I found three separate entities on Facebook called Chengdu Worldcon and neither had much to say about the Hugos being available before the end of the month.

  11. Hi Mike: this is out of sequence, but it stuck in my craw so I looked it up
    Rip Torn was in 1959’s television production of “Fondly Fahrenheit,” based on an Alfred Bester story, which Fred Pohl praised as the best science fiction that had yet graced television. That surely counts as an early genre credit.
    YHOS, Jon

  12. McCarty’s post still hasn’t appeared on the Chengdu Worldcon Twitter or Facebook accounts, or on the con’s English or Chinese websites.

  13. I replied to a series of tweets from their Twitter account promoting all sorts of touristy, boosterism things, saying “All this is fascinating, but actual news about the Worldcon–like when Hugo nominations will open, or what the hotel rates will be–would be infinitely better.” The response was, “An official announcement with Progress Report is underway. Thank you for your understanding and patience,” which I suppose is better than no response, but only marginally.

  14. The Chengdu email went straight to spam (gmail) so be warned. They’re clearly being sent in small batches–emails visible as cc’s not bcc.

  15. Mine went to my regular email but the Chinese characters put me off for a second since I was getting other spam with Chinese characters from religious people.

    This is a good test of whether you are in their system though.

    They have finally listed hotels for their site though if the buildings are not complete and by complete, I mean fully appropriately staffed, this will not work.

  16. Has anyone figured out the location where the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum is being built in Google Maps or another mapping service?

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  18. Mine only had my email in the To field, no cc’s. From [email protected]. Didn’t go to spam. Although the Chinese characters made me think for a second that it was something Gmail’s spam filter had missed.

  19. I am trying to make a nomination but was never able to complete the process and I asked Joe for help but I wasn’t totally clear on his answer and am still waiting for a response. Please help.
    Bob Littell [email protected]

    Mon, Mar 13, 8:24?AM (2 days ago)
    to [email protected]

    Thank you so much for your quick response. I’m still not totally sure I understand. Do I use the Member Number sent to me and put an H in front such as W0003580? And then also, do I put an H in front of the Code that was sent to me Hac763b ? They said the code sent to me has now timed out.

  20. Get a new code by entering your email and pressing “get a code”. Then copy and paste the membership number and the code in their respective spots without adding anything (and without the quotes). My membership number starts with an H followed by 7 digits — no need to put an H in front. The codes have been 6 characters long.

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